Greetings from Doggerland: recent surveys of the inundated Mesolithic landscapes of the southern North Sea

An Online Zoom talk
Thursday 13th January @ 8pm
By: Professor Vincent Gaffney. Anniversary Chair in Landscape Archaeology at the Department of Archaeological Sciences at the University of Bradford

What did the Romans ever do for Bourne End

The only lands on Earth almost completely unexplored archaeologically are those lost to the oceans. Global warming terminating the last Ice Age led to the inundation of vast areas once peopled by thousands. These lost lands hold millennia-long records of colonisation, settlement, and climate change.  Recent  European-funded research in the North Sea, using seismic reflection data, has created maps representing inundated Early Holocene European landscapes, showing rivers, lakes, hills, and coastline over an area in excess of 85,000km2. Undertaken as part of the “Europe’s Lost Frontiers” project, these data are transforming our  understanding of this critical historical period.


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