Marlow excavationMarlow Archaeology Group (MAG) was formed by the amalgamation of Archaeology in Marlow and Marlow Archaeological Society to provide a clearer focus and stronger voice for archaeology in the local area around Marlow and for the benefit of members. We shall be registering as a charity with Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs. We are governed by a board of trustees and our constitution: details of both can be found on this website. The new Group draws on the experience of both societies and is building closer links with neighbouring societies, academia and the archaeological authorities. We offer members:

  • a monthly talks programme by speakers who are expert in their subject;
  • investigatory fieldwork opportunities as they arise;
  • involvement in research into existing and possible local archaeological features
  • occasional visits to sites or places of archaeological interest;
  • monthly news updates and a quarterly magazine;
  • public displays at community events; and
  • training guidance for those with little or no previous fieldwork experience.
  • New members are, of course, very welcome whether with some archaeological experience or just an interest in this fascinating subject. If fieldwork is not for you, there are other activities available such as research or helping the committee.

    Our LogolOGO

    Members chose our logo from several options that sought to exemplify archaeology with a local connection. The chosen design combines an archaeologists trowel emblazoned with our initials, with an Anglo-Saxon sceat. This coin was found during the 2021 excavation at Church Paddock in Cookham, which MAG supported. It dates from around 720 AD and depicts an unknown king. The sceat was a widely used silver coin in Southern England at that time, when they were probably referred to as peningas, that is pennies.

    Early Marlow

    Marlow in the Doomsday BookThere are very few records of the history of Marlow before the 16th century. However, there is archaeological evidence of occupation in the area from Mesolithic times. At Low Grounds Farm, to the south west of the town, fieldwork has demonstrated successive activity in the Mesolithic, Neolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age and Roman periods. The discovery of the ‘Marlow Warlord’ recently showed that the area became the home also of the Anglo-Saxons. An entry for Marlow in the Domesday Book shows that the settlement flourished before the Normans arrived, but there are few other records. Our aim is to shed more light, if possible, on these early origins of our town and the neighbouring area.

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    Our next talks

    Boudica- Britains Rebellious Queen

    Thursday 25 May 2024 8.00 (Liston Hall)
    Dr Paddy Lambert (Oxford Archaeology)
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